I need some help, and you're my closest thing to an expert. My brother has an insane comic book collection he want to sell — and because I'm the resident eBay expert, he wants my help. If I sent you a list of his stuff, could you tell me what I should even try to sell? It's all been kept PRISTINE, like in mylar,…

OMG, y'all! My 65-year-old neighbor/good friend had NEVER seen The Princess Bride until last night. She was in stitches. She kept saying, "I can't believe I've never watched this!" Additionally, it was sweet to watch her swoon over Mandy Patinkin (she thought Wesley was "ok")...

Ok, so it's Spring Break (I'm a college professor). This is the first year I don't really have fun plans and I'm kinda being all first-world-problems tragic-face about it. I told Mr. MacNasty last night that I was getting old and he exclaimed, "Finally!"


I just had a 4-year-old crawl under the barrier into my TOILET STALL at a Sam's Club. Without thinking, I shrieked, "What the f*** — hey! There is a kid in my stall!" Then, angry lady voice about 3 stalls away, "CHRISTOPHER!"